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SSL Certificates Are a Key to Site Security

Posted by websiteverification on January 14, 2010

If you want your site to have the best security possible, SSL is something you need.  And while SSL is super important, you should know that SSL alone is not enough for site security.  Secure Sockets Layer technology secures your online business and your customers will know that they can trust your site.

The way that SSL works is by encrypting the data that is transmitted during a transaction in order to protect the sensitive information from being hacked or stolen.  Encryption means that it scrambles the data and then unscrambles it once it is transmitted.  Each SSL certificate includes unique information regarding that particular certificate owner and then a certificate authority verifies the identity of the certificate owner once it is issued.

If you run a business online and you accept credit cards on your account, you must have SSL. Another reason you need SSL is if you require a login to your site or if you process personal info like addresses, id numbers, etc.

As an online shopper, you might wonder how to be sure the site you are shopping on uses SSL.  They way that you can tell if your info is secure, is that you will notice that “http” is replaced with “https” in the address line.  Also, you will see a small padlock in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.

SSL is a very critical part of site security if you plan on having a successful online business.  Remember that while it is important to your website it is not enough. The SSL certificate only protects data transfers, not your whole website. Think about other types of site security for the ultimate online business. Things such as third party business verification, privacy policies, and being PCI compliant with pci scanning are also a must!

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